Tuesday, September 2, 2008

etsy.com ...

I love this website.... I always see the greatest art here.... check it out!

I'm such a bitch...

*phone rings*

Me: "Name of my company...."

Bill Collector: "May I speak with Susan?"

Me: "Which one? We have two working here?"

Bill Collector: "Susan Dresser"

Me: "She's not here. Can I take a message?"

Bill Collector: "Have her call Tiffany at 888-456-7890."

Me: "Are you a bill collector?"

Bill Collector: "No."

Me: "Does this have to do anything to do with her employment here?"

Bill Collector:

Me: "Then this is a personal matter and you are a bill collector. Call her home phone and don't call this number again."

Bill Collector: "She won't answer her home number..."

Me: "Hell, if I had people harassing me as much as you do her.... I wouldn't answer my phone either! This is a place of business. If you want to continue to harass her dial her home number. Not this one."

Bill collector: "Okay...."

Monday, September 1, 2008


Saturday evening I was over at Kayle's for another one of her mother's bbq's (yummy). It was a lot of fun but has also started a disagreement between Kayle and I. When I got there the first thing she says to me is "Couldn't you have worn something more supportive?" While looking at my chest. At this time I would like to say yes, I was very blessed by the Lord above when it comes to boobs. I would also like to say that for as big as they are, they are exactly where they should be. Anyway, I looked down then looked at Kayle's chest and replied, "Shouldn't you grow something to support instead of insulting the person who invented the bra?" After that I walked out front to smoke a cigarette (sue me hippies). A few minutes later Kayle walks out hugs me from behind and apologizes saying it was because she had an argument with her mother earlier. It might be just me but, what does that have to do with my large breasts that are sitting right where they are supposed to be? That comment of hers made me very paranoid the rest of the evening. I even asked her neighbor if they looked okay (neighbor's a chick)...
Well apparently that was just the beginning of a bad evening. A few minutes later my downstairs neighbor Carlotta called and told me I needed to get back to the apartments. I asked her why and she said that there was a shooting right outside my front door. I jumped in the car and hauled ass home. When I pulled in our steal gate had been hit by one of the cars and was bent all the way to the curb on the other side. Carlotta's boyfriend Jason heard the crash and opened the door to see what happened. When he opened it a guy pulled a gun to his head and said, "If you tell anyone I will come back for you."
Carlotta and Jason left to go stay with his parents in Joshua. Carlotta said she doesn't know if they will come back. I started looking for a new place this morning but haven't had any luck yet.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A day off....

Today I got to enjoy my one day off for the week. I didn't get out of my pajamas until this afternoon when Melissa called to invite me over. She bought this new manicure/pedicure drill that is absolutely awesome. It buffs away dry skin way better than my ped egg. As soon as I find one that isn't ridiculously expensive I am definitely buying one.

When I left I went to drugstore to grab some more shampoo. While I was there I went ahead and bought some new mascara as well. It was that Covergirl Lash Blast stuff.. I tried it on when I got home and I like it a lot more than that $20 Too-Faced Lash Injection stuff I bought at Ulta.

You could call today one of those rare "girly" days I have. With me working almost 24/7 I haven't really been taking care of myself. I did find out that by the 7th I will be transferred to my new store. I have to by then because apparently my new manager will be out the entire month of October for surgery. So, I will be the only manager there for a month straight. Fun!

I am still working towards the whole college thing. I'm trying to not let work get in the way but right now it is not working for me. Hopefully by the Spring...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chaotic mess...

My life has been pretty chaotic lately. A coworker recently went on disability after tripping over something behind the sales counter. Since then I have been putting in some extra hours to make up for her absence. No complaints there. I need the money right now.
I decided to go back to school. I am planning on enrolling at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh for online classes. I don't have time to attend an actual class, so I just decided to do it online. I need to get rid of the crap top and get a desk top first though...
My friend Phil decided to move to Austin. That has been eating me alive. I really really miss him. When I first met him, he was living two apartments down from me. I used to go over there almost every single night to watch movies or play video games. I usually ended up passing out on his fouton at three in the morning. For the year that he lived here, that's all we did. Sometimes we did absolutley nothing... sometimes we threw smoke bombs on his neighbor's balcony... He has been moving a lot lately. When he moved out of the apartments he moved in with another friend of his. Then another friend... yadda yadda. He said he wanted to move to Austin to get away from the BS here in Arlington. He did the same thing when he moved from New York to Texas. I guess it is what it is... I miss him though.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Last Lecture : Achieving Your Childhood Dreams


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Promo Blues

I have been catching a little bit of crap the last few days about the promotion. I don't know what it is about this store but anytime someone gets promoted... they have to put up with everyone else raising hell. Yesterday I was the only one putting up the boxes off the truck. Right now I fill like dumping 100 containers of icy hot in my bath tub and diving in.

Since I am not yet trained as the "Ass Man" as we call it... I can't do anything. My manager will be on vacation until the beginning of next week. So until then, I get to put up with my cranky coworkers.

I think it is funny that they are giving me grief. One of them was offered the position and backed down. The other couldn't take it anyway because he is going back to college in the Fall. They can give me all the grief they want. I am not backing down from this position. I am way too stubborn for that.

Monday, June 30, 2008


For someone who has as many guy friends as I do, apparently I know nothing about them.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Go ahead hate me. It's been awhile since I have last blogged. I am proud to confess that the reason is that I am now employed again. After spending a week laying across my couch watching daytime television wondering how much money I could make if I pimped out Brody.... I got a phone call. It was my manager from this gas station I previously worked at. I started back a week ago with a promotion.

Yes, I do know that being an Assistant Manager at a gas station is not the most desirable job on the planet. Well guess what.... You can kiss my ass because I took it. I started thinking about working in the office environment. I wore incredibly uncomfortable heels with no grip on a slick floor, I worked with the most stuck up snob who was cheating on both her husband and her boyfriend (no joke), and a boss that resembles Meryl Streep's character in The Devil Wears Prada. Screw that. I'm done working with people like that.

I am now back in an environment where the only office people we deal with are the customers who (even after a college education) can not pump gas. I now wear sneakers to work and a loose fitting smock that does not make me feel like I am being strangled to death.

Monday, June 9, 2008

All hail to Starbucks!!!

For those of you who do not know me very well, I pretty much rely on caffeine to get me through the day. Yes, I am aware that this is not healthy. For some reason, I hear that caffeine is bad for me on a regular basis.
I love my pot of coffee in the morning, my Java Monster in the mid afternoon, and I absolutely adore my sometimes daily trips to Starbucks.
Without these things I would not be moving around at all. I just sort of lay around like I have a hangover or something. So, before preaching to me on how unhealthy this stuff is for me.. Take into consideration on how I am without this stuff.
I found out a couple of weeks ago, that Starbucks is now giving you the option of adding energy powder to your drink. Whoever came up with this idea is a total genius and I love you! Because in addition to the extra shot of espresso, I can now totally tweek out with an additional energy powder that makes me bounce off the walls. :)
I tried it a couple of weeks ago at work (I miss work), and WOW.... I definitely got a lot of filing done that day!
It lasted almost all day long and I gave multi-tasking a whole new meaning. lol
So, if you are an avid coffee drinker like I am, try it.

Lacy Lou graduated!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Taarna Dunaway

Let the job hunt begin...

Now that the tequila is out of my system, I am now going to temp sites. It just felt wrong waking up this morning and not going to work. Kinda makes me feel like a dead beat. If ya'll have any tips feel free to share! I'm going to be going crazy by Monday with no job.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I decided to re-write this blog for today (some of you may notice). In the original I was pretty upset, so that there are no misinterpretations I am doing a re-write...

I lost my job today. This afternoon I was handed my paycheck and told that I was being let go. I have a good feeling I wasn't the only one considering I heard about some payroll checks that would be sent out through certified mail. I probably wasn't supposed to hear that but oh well.

I was pretty pissed off when I left (who wouldn't be). I had just got this job not too long ago so being back on the job hunt won't be fun. I have three prospects, so hopefully by Wednesday I will have a new one. Cross your fingers on that one.

In the original blog I posted today I said some pretty nasty things. As upset as I was I'm sure it is understandable. I have never been written up, fired, or laid off from any job I have ever had, so this was quite the shock for me. But after a few margaritas with Kayle I think I have mellowed out a little bit.

The one thing that I do not like about this situation is that I was never given a straight answer. I hate that. If you are getting rid of an employee you should be able to look them in the face and tell them exactly what is up. Instead of, "It came from the higher-ups." I'm sorry but that doesn't sound very professional. I think that's what really made me mad. More than losing my job. If it's for budget cuts then say so. If it is because I did something wrong, then say so. But, do not hand me my paycheck, sit me down, and just say "bye." I think every person deserves better than that. It sounds kinda shady to me. I have always been honest to employers and my coworkers. I think they should show me the same respect. I felt like Milton in that movie "Office Space." They just took him off the payroll and hoped the situation would take care of itself 'naturally'.

Oh well. Right now it is whatever.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

Life at the Office

I have had a busy week at work. I had a huge build up of files earlier this week that took me all week to sort and file. Apparently, a past employee or current (not sure which) decided to stick files wherever they saw fit. So, I had files in the wrong stock order and some that were in the wrong year even. I didn't complain too much. It kept me busy and away from my desk.

Right now I am trying to figure out how to spend my Memorial Day weekend. It's been so long since I have had a weekend off I really don't know what to do with myself.

When I was in the Navy, it was rare for me to have a weekend off. I was working in security. So, while the office people went home for the weekend, we all worked.
I think I might check out Mochalux on Saturday. No parties though. I think I have had enough partying for a little while.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

This is Brody. He is the most unusual and interesting pet I have ever had. I have never seen a dog with this much persoanlity before...

Cookie Monster

My friend Phil invited me to my first open mic night last night. He and His friend Sam were playing a couple of songs there. There were a couple of other musicians as well, along with some poetry readers.

I really didn't think I would get into it as much as I did, but wow. These people had so much talent that my jaw literally dropped. Phil and Sam had an instrumental that they wrote five years ago. Well, one of the girls wrote lyrics to this song in one week. Maybe it is because I have no talent when it comes to music, but that seemed a little fast to me. Anyway the song was amazing.

We were up there for a few hours. Drank some coffee, listened to some amazing music and poetry....

After we left, we were all invited over to this girl T's place for a party. The guys mentioned something to me about lesbians, but then again, that's Phil and Sam for you.
I am not a lesbian. Never will be. Men are all I will EVER need. As I was walking to my car to follow everyone over there, T said I was really beautiful. I said thank you, didn't think much of it. I figured at this point, I had spotted who they were talking about. Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals. What you believe in is what you believe in. I will not pass judgement on your personal beliefs. Nor will I force my beliefs upon you.

When we arrived, there was a crowd on the balcony and some poor girl passed out on the sofa in the living room. I stayed on the front porch for awhile, talking with Phil, Sam, Jessica, Logan, and his wife Jess. After a little bit, I walked inside to grab a drink. I don't hardly ever drink, but since it has been ages since I have had a weekend off, due to a tough work schedule.. I decided to go for it. I work hard, I deserve some fun.

We all had fun. Sam was playing guitar, Jess and T were talking about opera... Phil and I are cracking jokes... it was fun.

After a bottle of Chardonnay, T was hitting on me like crazy. I politely (and soberly) explained to her that I was not a lesbian. That I was deeply deeply attracted to men. I guess she took that as a challenge, because I was fighting her off the entire night. I understood she was drunk, so I did not want to start a huge argument. I just made it a point to keep my distance.

All in all, that was a fun night. I am thinking about going up there again in a couple of weeks.