Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am a genius!

Sunday afternoon I am driving to Dallas and staying three days for Seminar. I hadn't heard about Seminar until I signed my Mary Kay contract. Well, on of the nights is a formal. The only formal dress I own is a red dress that I wore at my friend Taarna's wedding (bridesmaid). Well, about two months ago I was repainting my bedroom and accidentally got little tiny white spots of paint along the side of it. I saw what had happened and thought, Oh well.. when am I ever going to wear this dress again?
Well, I felt really stupid this morning while I was digging through my closet looking for a formal dress. I have absolutely no money to go out and by a new one. I was running errands today wallowing in self pity for having to go to a formal event wearing a red dress with little white spots along the side of it.
This is the part where I thank the wonderful people that make Sharpie markers. Yes I know I sound like a lunatic for doing this but what else was I supposed to do? Besides it's only on tiny little white spots... Smarter not harder...