Tuesday, September 2, 2008

etsy.com ...

I love this website.... I always see the greatest art here.... check it out!

I'm such a bitch...

*phone rings*

Me: "Name of my company...."

Bill Collector: "May I speak with Susan?"

Me: "Which one? We have two working here?"

Bill Collector: "Susan Dresser"

Me: "She's not here. Can I take a message?"

Bill Collector: "Have her call Tiffany at 888-456-7890."

Me: "Are you a bill collector?"

Bill Collector: "No."

Me: "Does this have to do anything to do with her employment here?"

Bill Collector:

Me: "Then this is a personal matter and you are a bill collector. Call her home phone and don't call this number again."

Bill Collector: "She won't answer her home number..."

Me: "Hell, if I had people harassing me as much as you do her.... I wouldn't answer my phone either! This is a place of business. If you want to continue to harass her dial her home number. Not this one."

Bill collector: "Okay...."

Monday, September 1, 2008


Saturday evening I was over at Kayle's for another one of her mother's bbq's (yummy). It was a lot of fun but has also started a disagreement between Kayle and I. When I got there the first thing she says to me is "Couldn't you have worn something more supportive?" While looking at my chest. At this time I would like to say yes, I was very blessed by the Lord above when it comes to boobs. I would also like to say that for as big as they are, they are exactly where they should be. Anyway, I looked down then looked at Kayle's chest and replied, "Shouldn't you grow something to support instead of insulting the person who invented the bra?" After that I walked out front to smoke a cigarette (sue me hippies). A few minutes later Kayle walks out hugs me from behind and apologizes saying it was because she had an argument with her mother earlier. It might be just me but, what does that have to do with my large breasts that are sitting right where they are supposed to be? That comment of hers made me very paranoid the rest of the evening. I even asked her neighbor if they looked okay (neighbor's a chick)...
Well apparently that was just the beginning of a bad evening. A few minutes later my downstairs neighbor Carlotta called and told me I needed to get back to the apartments. I asked her why and she said that there was a shooting right outside my front door. I jumped in the car and hauled ass home. When I pulled in our steal gate had been hit by one of the cars and was bent all the way to the curb on the other side. Carlotta's boyfriend Jason heard the crash and opened the door to see what happened. When he opened it a guy pulled a gun to his head and said, "If you tell anyone I will come back for you."
Carlotta and Jason left to go stay with his parents in Joshua. Carlotta said she doesn't know if they will come back. I started looking for a new place this morning but haven't had any luck yet.